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How to set up and play the game

Please see video below on how to set up and play Woofy Whoops.

The App is not functioning correctly

Check your operating software. The app requires iOS 9.0 or later for Apple devices or 4.3 or later for devices for Android.

Please check for any available updates to the Woofy Whoops app.

Android phone users (Samsung S models)

There have been some issues with Samsung S models, a recent update has addressed this but if you are still having issues follow these steps:
1. Open ‘Settings’ within the Woofy Whoops App.
2. Choose ‘Trigger settings’ and select ‘Special’ from the menu.
3. If the ‘Special’ option does not work, try one of the other two menu options (Automatic or Normal)

My phone does not have a 3.5mm headphone socket.

In order to connect your phone to Woofy Whoops, you will need an adaptor to connect the headphone jack plug to your phone.

I'm unable to download the app

A gyroscope is required in order to play the game. If your smart phone does not have a gyroscope, you will not be able to download the app

I had to interrupt the game to take a call and now it's not working

If you need to unplug the jack mid-game, the game may be disrupted. Please close and restart the app to continue.

Woofy has stopped weeing

Maybe the water reservoir is empty. Remove your phone and slowly refill the hydrant with water. You will need to re-fill the hydrant after approximately 5 games.
Replace the batteries

Why are my pats not registering?

Try patting slightly more slowly to ensure that each pat is registered.

The motor is not working

Check that the hydrant switch is ‘On’
If the hydrant is already switched to ‘On’ – switch to ‘Off’ and then ‘On’ again to cancel the auto-off function
Replace the batteries

How do I position my phone correctly for recording?

1) Adjust your phone’s position in the clamp, together with the angle of the clamp, until the image of Woofy is positioned in the bottom left hand quarter of the screen. Turn the bone to tighten the clamp into position.
2) Then align Woofy’s eyes on screen with Woofy’s eyes in the image using the touch screen to move and change their size.

Where is the video saved?

The slow motion video is saved to your phone’s camera roll / gallery